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About Ausky Group

At Ausky, we believe property is an ideal investment tools for anyone seeking to secure their long term financial future – providing it is done in the right way.

We educate and assist our clients throughout their investment journey, providing sound investment planning, quality products and professional support.

For advanced investors who is seeking for higher returns, see our Development opportunity for more details.

Ausky Investment Approach

Ausky has an unique Investment Approach that helps individual property investors build an accumulation strategy that works for them. Our experienced team, analyse market information and established relationships ensure that we negotiates to get the best possible deals for our investors. Property Investors can take advantage of some of the best properties to develop a low risk portfolio with houses, townhouses and apartments around the country.

An Experienced, Dedicated Investment Specialist

Each Ausky investor has an ongoing support of an experienced, local Property Specialist to assist them with all their property investment needs. Working with you and your professional advisers, we'll ensure that you have done your homework before you buy any investment property.

Thinking about Your Investment

Ausky is such a company where your can find the best strategy that works for property. Ausky is a young, dynamic and vibrant property investment and development company.

There is no charge or obligation to use our services. We make our money from the products and properties we research and source for you, negotiated with the suppliers/vendors, saving you time and money. We do not charge an additional finders fee.

To find out what Ausky can do for you call us on 03 8822 3835, or fill in the contact form below.

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