9-11 Bond Street

9-11 Bond Street, Caulfield

See below information regarding 9-11 Bond Street in Caulfield, including Utilities connection, Move in information, Building Manager Contact and Owners Corporation details.

Rental Market Update and Appraisal
Vivi Liana – Business Development Manager
Phone: +61 497 111 995
Email: viviliana@ausky.com.au
Sales Market Update and Appraisal
Will Jiang – Residential Sales Manager
Phone: +61 488 987 988
Email: will@ausky.com.au

Utility Connection
Active Utilities – 1300 587 623
or visit www.activeutilities.com.au
Electricity is individually metered to your apartment.
Supply is provided via the switchboard located within your apartment.
The board is fitted with circuit breakers to each electrical circuit.

Gas Hot Water:
Active Utilities – 1300 587 623
or visit www.activeutilities.com.au

South East Water – 13 16 94

Move In Information
The Rules of the Owners Corporation stipulate that the moving into, or out of the building must be pre-arranged through BuildingLink or, if this is not possible, the Building Manager who will schedule an appropriate time.
No moving is to be conducted without this pre arrangement

Building Manager

COMPANY: Victorian Body Corporate Services (VBCS)
ADRESS: 64 Fennell Street, Port Melbourne TEL: +61 3 8531 8100
FAX: +61 3 8531 8115
EMAIL: nkenny@vbcs.com.au

Owners Corporation
Phone – 0449 231 424

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