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Private Sale are ideal for sellers that don’t have a need to sell urgently and who may be open to accepting different sale terms such as an extended settlement period or subject to finance terms.

Sale by set date it’s a method that creates the same sense of urgency and competition in buyers that an Auction campaign does but, unlike an Auction, there is no public bidding process.

Sale by Auction is the method to set a date and time for a marketing campaign put in place to attract the maximum number of interested buyers to you property.

What is a property appraisal ?

A property appraisal is conducted by our experienced licensed local agent and is an estimated of the completed value for your property in the current market. Base on many factors from location to the property’s unique features, area for improvement , local zoning restrictions, recent sold history, market competitors and many more.

Property appraisal is not a legally binding report, but it provides you with a good understanding of how much you could expect to sell your property for in the current market.

We cover multiple suburbs

Tired of having the same conversations with different selling agents for your investment properties in Victoria?  It’s time to make a change. And that’s where our service come in. We are here to look after your investment properties from western suburbs like Werribee, Point Cook to northern suburbs, Melbourne CBD, South Yarra and most of areas in the Eastern suburbs.

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