Flagstaff Place

Flagstaff Place – 53 Batman Street, West Melbourne

See below information regarding Flagstaff Place apartments in West Melbourne, including Utilities connection, Move in information, Building Manager Contact and Owners Corporation details.

Rental Market Update and Appraisal
Vivi Liana – Business Development Manager
Phone: +61 497 111 995
Email: viviliana@ausky.com.au
Sales Market Update and Appraisal
Will Jiang – Residential Sales Manager
Phone: +61 488 987 988
Email: will@ausky.com.au

Utility Connection
WIN Energy – 1300 791 970

Greater Western Water – 13 44 99

Move In Information
Damage to fire sprinklers can cause severe flooding to apartments and public areas. Call outs for non-emergency or non-warranty items will be charged to you directly. Do not cover sprinkler heads in any way. Do not stack any goods within 500mm of the fire sprinkler heads. Do not hang anything from the fire sprinkler heads eg. Christmas decorations or the like. As required by the Fire Safety Regulations, the water within the sprinkler piping is continuously under pressure. This will release and flood the immediate area in the event of a fire, or if the sprinkler head is accidently hit The fire brigade is automatically informed if a sprinkler head is activated and will attend. Fire brigade attendance to a false alarm is charged at over $490 per truck per 15 minutes or part thereof A minimum of two trucks will be sent in the first 15 minutes. Internet Link: hap://www.mfb.vic.u/inciclenisilvlan.oging-False-Aiarms/Faise-Alarni-Charging/Current-charges-and-codes.html

Please alert the fire brigade immediately if a sprinkler is accidently set off, by calling 000. This may help reduce the cost of the false alarm. If you caused a false alarm, then you will be charged for the call out costs.

Building Manager
Flagstaff place
phone: (03) 9329 8978

After hours emergency
Darren Smith – 0417 563 409

Paul Handenfeldt – 0425 754 519

David Hopwood – 042 454 436

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