Flockhart Street

Flockhart Street, Abbotsford

See below information regarding Flockhart Street in Abbotsford, including Move in information.

Rental Market Update and Appraisal
Vivi Liana – Business Development Manager
Phone: +61 497 111 995
Email: viviliana@ausky.com.au
Sales Market Update and Appraisal
Will Jiang – Residential Sales Manager
Phone: +61 488 987 988
Email: will@ausky.com.au

Move In Information

To assist residents with moving in and out of Precinct Apartments the following procedure has been implemented.

Please contact ECM as soon as possible to apply for date of move in/out on 9981 0077 or info@essentialcommunity.com.au

If you are an owner moving in please ensure you have a copy of your Notice of Acquisition available when booking your move in

If you are a tenant moving in please ensure you have a copy of your signed Lease Agreement available when booking your move in.

If you are using a moving company, would you please obtain their public liability insurance details and provide to ECM, this will be required to confirm the move.

Once the appropriate documentation is provided to ECM, the date for your move in/out will be confirmed via email within 24 hours.

Upon arrival or departure you will be required to contact the nominated manager on his mobile (Weekends: Jose – 0420 416 666) and (Weekdays: Neil – 0499 778 811) to have the lift locked off, the common area reviewed and all paperwork completed.

The following costs will apply to accommodate your requirement for a move in/out.

Monday to Friday (9am – 4pm)– no charge

Saturday/Sunday and Public Holiday (9am – 4pm) – $85.00 paid in advance via invoice issued  Moves in and out can only be scheduled between 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm

It is important that you arrange your move in/out through the appropriate channels to ensure that the lifts are padded and locked for your use and the common property is protected. Unauthorised moves will incur a charge for a Breach of the Owners Corporation Rules and any damage to common property. We thank you for helping to keep Precinct as a premium apartment complex.

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