Midtown – 11 Rose Lane, Melbourne

See below information regarding Midtown apartments in Melbourne CBD, including Utilities connection, Move in information and Building Manager Contact details.

Rental Market Update and Appraisal
Vivi Liana – Business Development Manager
Phone: +61 497 111 995
Email: viviliana@ausky.com.au
Sales Market Update and Appraisal
Will Jiang – Residential Sales Manager
Phone: +61 488 987 988
Email: will@ausky.com.au

Utility Connection
Active Utilities – 1300 587 623 or +61 3 9094 3777
or visit www.activeutilities.com.au
Email: info@activeutilities.com.au

Gas hot water:
Origin Energy – 1300 734 533
or visit www.originenergy.com.au/centralhw

Greater Western Water – 13 44 99

Move In Information

All residents must contact the Building Manager to book their move in.
Email: BMMidtown@auspm.com.au

Building Manager
E-mail: m1maintenance@centralequality.com.au

Common facilities
Communal swimming pool, gym and large communal garden featuring several BBQ areas with ample bench space

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