Swanston Central

Swanston Central – 160 Victoria Street, Carlton

See below information regarding Swanston Central in Carlton, including Utilities connection, Move in information, Building Manager Contact and Owners Corporation details.

Rental Market Update and Appraisal
Vivi Liana – Business Development Manager
Phone: +61 497 111 995
Email: viviliana@ausky.com.au
Sales Market Update and Appraisal
Will Jiang – Residential Sales Manager
Phone: +61 488 987 988
Email: will@ausky.com.au

Utility Connection
Origin Imbedded Network

Move In Information

All residents must contact the Building Manager to book their move in.

Building Manager

Mobile: 0418 804 064
Email: swanstoncentral@buildingmgr.com.au

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